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    Womb Wisdom

    Womb Wisdom

    Womb Consciousness is a workshop designed to connect you to the knowledge and magic of your wombs pace.

    If you have always been curious what more there is to this magical ‘baby-room’, feel the desire to develop your intuitive feminine ability, wish to connect to your womb as a centre of knowledge & truth and want to invest in an intimate relationship with yourself, then this event is for you!

    Through sharing, guided meditations, and the practice of womb-talk- learning how to talk with and listen to the voice of your womb, your inner oracle & guide, we will receive you in coziness & beauty, taking you on a journey of Self and womb discovery.

    Hosts & Information

    Inbal Sigler

    Inbal Sigler is a Hypnobirthing trainer, Doula, Orgasmic Birth facilitator, Yoga & Pilates teacher and a Chinese Medicine practitioner. As a mother of 3 boys all born naturally, orgasmically on their own time and terms, Inbal specialises in Pre & Post natal guidance and care. She has been supporting parents on their amazing journey of becoming a family, providing them with the knowledge, magic and the practicality to experience the powerful intimate passage of childbirth, as it can and should be for every mother & baby and family.

    On 2013 Inbal has founded Isis HypnoBirthing & Yoga, now transformed into GENISIS Feminine Artistry, a space where specifically handpicked evidence based knowledge and sacred feminine teachings are merged into a complete roadmap leading to your memorable love based birth.

    Rosalie Stange

    Rosalie Stange has 35 years of researching being alive a wild woman. She is a certified Theta healer, studied several types of fascinating bodyworks, tantric practices, combined with shamanism, voice- and breathwork and herbalism. She has found herself fascinated with the healing ability’s that the feminine withholds, feels highly inspired to offer her services to the feminine gold, and enhance harmony, joy and power to be lived through the femme being & body. Her mission is to empower women, and aiding healthy feminine to rise. Thetahealing has brought her femme oracle’ness out, and she now works as a full channel, thus incorporating the wisdom of her womb, her inner queen and guide.

    Practical Details


    Sunday, April  25th



    Henrick De Keijserst.27

    1073TG, Amsterdam


    Early Bird (until April 10th  2021): €45

    Full fee: €60