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    Inbal Sigler

    Carrying my son within me and giving birth to him was a defining experience. The mutual journey of growth and development that he and I shared has produced not only a manifestation of love in a form of a precious child, also the manifestation of this fertility, pregnancy and birth space GENISIS, founded in 2013.

    Devotion to birth

    As a mother of 3 sons now and a lifelong devotion to personal development and birth, I know a woman needs privacy to feel safe and undisturbed. A calm mind, body, spirit and environment to relax into motherhood. Think of making love in the presence of a stranger looking at you, asking you questions? It can’t be done. I’ve developed the tools for you to create your own sacred pregnancy and birth space. A space where a woman can feel safe and she can relax into motherhood. Where she can trust, be present and surrender to a pleasure based birth.

    Blended Birth Techniques

    I started out in life as a professional dancer and delved deep into the flow of Yoga, Pilates and Yin Yoga. This led me to teacher training programs around the world. These fundamental teachings are the basis of GENISIS methods on the female body. However, I still wanted to go beyond the body and even deeper into the Self. This led me to the holistic Taoist philosophy of Chinese medicine, Shiatsu techniques and into the Theta Healing realms of transformation and creation. All these techniques together created the blended methods within GENISIS This deep sense of serenity, focus, and trust is the bases of GENISIS and fully generated by HypnoBirthing®  and Orgasmic Birthing.

    Powerful tools

    I find all these methods powerful tools that enrich and complete each other. They let us live our potential to the fullest, unifying all layers of existence into a profound state of wholeness. I believe that enhancing and balancing all aspects of your being generates a sense of calm and wholeness that will be absorbed by the baby in your womb, generating a peaceful passage to the world outside, and for you, a passage into a blissful parenthood.

    This practitioner is affilated with the HypoBirthing® Institute and is currently certified and authorized to teach the complete HypoBirthing Program.