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    GENISIS Feminine Artistry

    By Inbal Sigler

    Your fertility, pregnancy and birth are at the heart of your feminine power and magic. There is a roadmap leading to this sacred space of birthing, a pleasure based path. A journey that shows you the secrets to expand and elevate to a new version of you; the mother you’ve always wanted to be. The key is already inside you, let me show you how to find and use it.

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    GENISIS offers carefully handpicked evidence based knowledge and sacred feminine teachings merged into a complete roadmap leading into your memorable love based birth. A sacred space where you can confidently relax into motherhood by trusting the feminine power within you.


    Evidence based and sacred knowledge on how the body, mind and spirit perform together for a pleasure based birth.

     ( full day )

    A comprehensive guided journey to prime your body, mind and spirit to create a love based birth with pure profound knowledge and pleasure.

    ( 5 weekly )

    An all-round course to explore the delicate layers within your feminine Self to create your memorable orgasmic birth.

    ( 3 weekly )

    What I do


    Genisis offers a delicate selection of birth support services.


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