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    GENISIS Feminine Artistry

    By Inbal Sigler

    Your fertility, pregnancy and birth are at the heart of your feminine power and magic. There is a roadmap leading to this sacred space of birthing, a pleasure based path. A journey that shows you the secrets to expand and elevate to a new version of you; the mother you’ve always wanted to be. The key is already inside you, let me show you how to find and use it.

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    GENISIS offers carefully handpicked evidence based knowledge and sacred feminine teachings merged into a complete roadmap leading into your memorable love based birth. A sacred space where you can confidently relax into motherhood by trusting the feminine power within you.


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    Genisis offers a delicate selection of birth support services.


    The course helped us physically, mentally and spiritually

    Thank you very much for your help and support over these weeks. Speaking on behalf of the two of us, and I’m sure on behalf of the little one, that taking the course was one of the best ideas we ever had, as it helped us physically, mentally and spiritually when we needed it the most. I will do it ten thousands times again! Thanks to your course I could trust myself and my body to be able to do this, as it was harder on my scared mind than what it turned to be at the end.

    Christina & Leon, Amsterdam 2020

    Our baby’s birth experience was wonderful

    Our baby’s birth experience was wonderful. Most beautiful moment of our lives. I was relaxed during the whole time, Clark was too and he was a fantastic birth companion, I felt very well supported by him. You inspired us, your course made all the difference in how Belle came to this world, in a gentle and peaceful way. She was born at home, in a birth pool, and came to our arms calm and observing the new world for her.. It was 22 hours of labor, but to me it didn’t feel long, just right. The relaxation techniques were really helpful, I was in my own world devoted to her all the time. I was happy and laughing in the final descendent phase Thank you for everything, you are a wonderful person and we truly enjoyed meeting you and learning from you!

    Carol & Clark, Amsterdam 2020

    I have never experienced something so powerful and strong and beautiful

    I am so grateful for following your course with my man. It has definitely helped us so much. My whole birth was some kind of dream, and I have never experienced something so powerful and strong and beautiful. Thanks again for all your help and tips, it has definitely led to a great start of the life of our son

    Rachel & Simon , Amsterdam 2020